What’s Up With Midwinter FAQ

Q: Why are you still 12/13?
A: A combination of roster issues, time issues, and performance issues
#InB4Haters saying “Midwinter just makes excuses they always suck”
I’ve already explained that we aren’t making excuses, I’ve said we’ve had issues in and out of our control. We’ve had a raider literally disappear before progression, dead GPUs, usual net issues, a few other raiders with both expected and unexpected RL things come up, etc. However, “In” including our not so great performance on some bosses that certainly contributed a lot to our lackluster ranking this tier. We didn’t play well, and on top of it we had a slew of squirrel shit to deal with, no point trying to squeeze an empty toothpaste tube.

Q: Is Midwinter quitting/disbanding?
A: No, we are not quitting top end raiding nor are we disbanding. We are going to fix what needs to be fixed and come back stronger next tier.

Q: Is Midwinter going to finish the tier?
A: Yes, we are going to finish up the tier and kill Archimonde, but we have reduced our hours back to farm schedule

Q: What happened to Doxy?
A: He disappeared right before progression, we haven’t heard from him and have no other information on what happened.

Q: What happened to Skullflowers?
A: He got a job at Blizzard.

Q: What happened to Shuttlecast?
A: He’s currently not raiding with us.

Q: Why won’t you stream Archimonde now that 1236.2 guilds have killed it?
A: Streaming adds distraction for some raiders, at this point we just want to kill the boss ASAP and work on what needs to be worked on for the guild.

Q: Will you be streaming more often?
A: Duh, back to normal schedule more or less!

Q: You guys suck the underside of my nutsack and I’ve always hated your guild, I love seeing you suffer and hope you never rank again. Nothing but excuses when you lose. What say you Mr. Bag?
A: Good point, I once attended a book club meeting and we started giving thoughts and suggestions based on our reading. When my turn came I firmly grabbed the book and raised it slightly, and said “Well, the book can also be… a hat!” And proceeded to place the open book on my head majestically.


  1. Stuff happens good luck next tier!

  2. Wow that really sucks lol xd, well man do not worry, my guild disbanded cos im a big retarded danish guy and stole all the gold lololol haha anyway see u later slootbag love the stream! hi5 from danmark! xxx

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