Addons / UI

UI Suite Last Updated September 9 2017 (7.3.0)
Full UI Suite – 7.3.0 DOWNLOAD


  1. Download the ZIP extract the WTF/Interface folders from the link above, and replace them for your Interface/WTF.
  2. In the WTF Folder, navigate to the Account folder.
  3. Change “YOUR ACCOUNT” to your account’s name, then enter this folder. Example: Slootyaccount
  4. Here, change “YOUR SERVER” to your server’s name, with only the first letter capitalized, then enter this folder. Example: Sargeras
  5. Lastly, change “YOUR PALADIN” to your character’s name with only the first letter capitalized. Example: Slootbag — Note there are 6 different tank classes here, if you use a non-paladin then change that folders name, not the paladin one (but it isn’t a big deal). Also note any of these folders technically work for any class (for example if you are a Mage that wants to use this UI, you can just rename any of the folders to your toon’s name).
  6. Note: I play in 2560×1440 resolution, so some elements may need to be moved based on your resolution and UI scale.
  7. Note 2: If you get a bunch of status text (gold/fps etc) in the middle of your screen, type /sldt config and you can then move these.
Addon List

  1. SL Data Text
  2. Advanced Interface Options
  3. Angry Assignments
  4. Auctionator
  5. Aura Frames
  6. Auto Cage
  7. Auto Turn In
  8. Bagnon
  9. Big Wigs
  10. Bonus Roll Preview
  11. Can I Mog It?
  12. Clique
  13. Color Picker Plus
  14. Death Note
  15. Deja Character Stats
  16. Details
  17. Dominos
  18. Error Filter
  19. Exorsus Raid Tools
  20. Gotta Go Fast
  21. Grid (with GridIndicatorCorderIcons + GridIndicatorSideIcons + GridManaBars + GridStatusRaidIcons)
  22. Handy Notes (with HandyNotes_LegionTreasures)
  23. Hide Order Hall Bar
  24. Imo Friend Groups
  25. Keystone Manager
  26. Masque (with Masque: Renaitre)
  27. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text
  28. Nomi Cakes
  29. O Item Level
  30. Omen3
  31. OmniCC
  32. OPie
  33. oRA3
  34. Order Hall Commander
  35. Prat 3.0
  36. Quartz
  37. Quick Quest
  38. RC Loot Council
  39. Relic Inspector
  40. Saved Instances
  41. Seinfeld
  42. Sell Junk
  43. Sexy Map
  44. Shadowed Unit Frames
  45. Simple iLevel
  46. Tidy Plates
  47. Tip Tac
  48. Weak Auras 2
  49. World Quest Group Finder
  50. World Quest List
  51. Paragon Reputation