Addons / UI

Full UI Suite – 6.2.2a DOWNLOAD


  1. Download the WTF and Interface Folders from the link above, and replace them for your Interface/WTF.
  2. In the WTF Folder, navigate to the Account folder.
  3. Change “YOUR ACCOUNT” to your account’s name, then enter this folder. Example: Slootyaccount
  4. Here, change “YOUR SERVER” to your server’s name, with only the first letter capitalized, then enter this folder. Example: Sargeras
  5. Lastly, change “YOUR PALADIN” to your character’s name with only the first letter capitalized. Example: Slootbag — Note there are 5 different tank classes here, if you use a non-paladin then change that folders name, not the paladin one (but it isn’t a big deal). Also note any of these folders technically work for any class (for example if you are a Mage that wants to use this UI, you can just rename any of the folders to your toon’s name).
  6. Note: I play in 1920×1080 resolution, so some elements may need to be moved based on your resolution and UI scale.

Addon Guide / Individual Downloads

(Click for full size image)
1: Stuf Unit Frames | Curse Link
2: Aura Frames | Curse Link
3: SexyMap | Curse Link
4: Skada | Curse Link
5: MikScrollingBattleText | Curse Link
6: WeakAuras 2 | Curse Link
7: Tidy Plates | Curse Link
8: Big Brother | Curse Link
9: Prat | Curse Link
10: TrufiGCD | Curse Link
11: Dominos | Curse Link
12: Grid | Curse Link
13: Omen Threat Meter | Curse Link
14: Simple Light Data Text | WoW Interface Link
15: kgPanels | Curse Link

(Click for full size image)
1: Friends Counter | Link
2: Friend Groups | Link
3: Death Note | Curse Link
4: Bagnon | Curse Link
5: Tip Tac | Curse Link
6: Item Analysis | Curse Link
7: Simple ilevel | Curse Link

(Click for full size image)
1: Hermes | Curse Link | Curseforge Link
2: OPie | Curse Link
3: SavedInstances | Curse Link
4: Angry Assignments | Curse Link

(Click for full size image)
1: Master Plan | Curse Link

Other relevant add-ons that are not recognized in the pictures are as follows:
Big Wigs – For raiding
Clique – For mouse over on Grid
Error Filter – To get rid of the annoying error spam
RCLootCouncil – Our raid loot addon
OmniCC – Adds CD timers over virtually any icon
Ora3 – Allows for auto-invites, battle res timer, role icons in raid screen
Postal – For getting mass mail quickly
Exorsus Raid Tools – For various functions (for me mainly Kromog assignments)