Streaming Hellfire Shitadel Heroic

Streaming Hellfire Shitadel Heroic

Yes! Midwinter is streaming a few Hellfire Citadel Heroic bosses, however with some restrictions:

1. Only streaming 6/13 for Heroic difficulties (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, Gorefiend)
Q: Why not stream the others?
A: We don’t want to leak any strats or valuable information by accident that could give guilds in our competition range a leg up for these presumably harder bosses.

2. No DPS/Healing meters will be shown
Q: Why not?
A: 2 reasons. Most importantly if we find that a specific class/spec performs really well (or poorly) in a fight, we don’t want that information getting out and again, providing advantages to our competitors. The second more minor reason is during Highmaul streams (when we did show meters), people would log on and harass myself and other Midwinter members about spec/why are you doing so much or little damage/what do you recommend each fight/etc/etc, no bueno.

3. Mumble audio will be muted
Q: Why?
A: We want to be able to openly talk about Mythic strats and ideas during Heroic pulls, and don’t want feel restricted or accidentally slip something up just because we don’t mute Mumble. Also we all sound like yokels.

Q: What the f*ck does it matter? You guys are garbage anyways and don’t compete for World First, who cares about stealing world 529th strats? Also Where can I find out how to shave my head so nicely as you do?
A: World First isn’t the only thing that matters at top levels of competition, especially in a guild like ours that has stated and knows that it will try but can’t realistically fully compete for WF due to time constraints. That in no way means we aren’t intense on competing and ranking with the time we do raid, and performing as well as we can. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, I’m sure plenty of other people will stream without said restrictions. But this is our policy so kindly respect it or I won’t tell you the head shaving secrets.

Now show me where on this doll Uncle Sloot touched you.

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