Personal Tank Coaching

I try to help out in the tanking community as much as I can with my guide, Slootcasts, and live commentary. Unfortunately, sometimes you can only gain so much from watching a stream or video. As a result I’ve been doing personal coaching for tanks for over a year now. Generally, charges are by the hour and vary slightly depending on what your needs are.

What is covered in each session varies a lot, and always depends on the needs of whoever is looking for the help. I have had sessions where I just sit in Skype for 2 hours and talk theory. Other times we run LFR/Flex together and I keep an eye on you and comment on your play either during or after the run is over. Some sessions we sit and talk about gear choices and optimizations. It’s all whatever you guys need!

Generally speaking, but in no way limited to, the following things can be covered:

  • UI elements, what is important to track and how to track it
  • Gear choices and options for optimizing specific builds and picking apart your armory
  • Boss strategies from both a general perspective and tanking perspective
  • Theorycrafting what is best for your class and where certain builds shine or fall short, and why they do
  • Your gameplay review based on footage/logs

All sessions are done over Skype (or Mumble/Vent if you so prefer) for ease and efficiency of communication!

Interested in getting some coaching done? Contact me HERE or PM me on Twitch. Looking forward to it!