My Current Stat Prio

My Current Stat Prio

Updated January 13, 2015

Disclaimer: Some things here deviate from what some forums say based on some sims, again sims are a good GUIDE to building your toons for raiding, but do NOT represent the raiding environment entirely or fully accurately.
If you don’t agree with them and want to discuss it that’s totally fine, we’re all adults here and entitled to our own opinions. Within a reasonable margin several stats especially in the mid-range can vary depending on play style (which is why you see m any forums saying different things sometimes).

That being said here are my current stat prios for the 5 tanks.

Blood Death Knight: BA > MS > Mastery > Versatility >= Haste > Crit
(MS up to a certain value, approximation is around 25-30% (no time to check or math it yet but from extensive play it seems enough). A cap needs to exist because past a certain point you will generate more RP than you can reasonably use, and will therefore dump a lot of excess RP)

Brewmaster Monk: BA > Mastery > Crit >= Versatility > Multistrike (Haste is as needed, if you have chi problems get more, though if you take Serenity or even if you don’t you shouldn’t have issues)

Guardian Druid: BA > Mastery > Versatility > Haste > Crit (MS is “grey-zone” can be really good or really bad depending on fight, therefore changes prio a lot)

Protection Paladin: BA > Haste > Mastery >= Crit >= Versatility (MS is “grey-zone” can be really good or really bad depending on fight, therefore changes prio a lot between last place or just under Mastery/Haste)
Latest Haste breakdown from Theck: Theck’s Post
“Haste rules the roost. Stack it up to 50%”

Protection Warrior: BA > Mastery >= Crit > Haste/Versatility > MS

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