Make Your Own Circle WA

**You must make sure that Masque or Addonskins in ELVUI is turned off for these specific auras otherwise it will create distorted images**
***If you’ve already downloaded the custom art for other weak auras, skip to STEP 3***

STEP 1: Create a folder named SlootAuras in your Addons folder (where all of your other addons are). Path should look something like: …/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/SlootAuras

STEP 2: Download all art files (.tga) HERE and place them in this SlootAuras folder

STEP 3: Import the Weak Aura string – GET STRING

STEP 4: Select the following 6 auras and enter your Spell ID for the spell where shown. You can get Spell IDs by finding your spell on WoWhead and checking the Spell ID # in the URL. (Tip: you can hold control and select all the auras you need, then only have to enter the Spell ID once)

STEP 5: Select the following 2 auras and enter your Spell ID or Spell Name for the Spell Effect where shown.

STEP 6: Select the following 2 auras and change their color using the Foreground color in the Display tab as shown to whatever color you may want.

STEP 7: Rename the in the aura names to your spell name of choice by right-clicking an aura and selecting Rename, don’t forget to change the parent name too.

STEP 8: Change the size and position of the aura using options in the Display tab of the children aura or the parent in order to change/move all auras at once. Also add any Load conditions you may want such as class or spec using the Load tab.