How To Sign Up For Sub/Viewer Runs

How To Sign Up For Sub/Viewer Runs

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register or Log In
Step 3: Go to the Forums

Step 4: Go to the “Sub/Viewer Run Sign-Ups” section

Step 5: Download Discord, join our community, and integrate your Twitch (all explained in that post)
Step 6: Choose your faction and read the rules

Step 7: Copy and paste the Sign-Up Template at the bottom of the page

Step 8: Navigate back to the “Sub/Viewer Run Sign-Ups” page (one page back), and below the Discord and faction selections find the appropriate run based on REGION / FACTION / DATE / TIME

Step 9: Paste the Sign-Up Template from Step 7 and fill it out
***If you don’t fill it out properly or forget to (because for example you make some yolo post to get as early of a spot as possible) you will be overlooked, so make sure you go back and edit it
Step 10: Hit “Submit” and you’re done

On the Day of the Run
First come first serve sign ups will be taken as long as the raid is balanced, and always respecting the sub > viewer priority
If you do not get in because the raid is filled, you can always check the waitlist to see your spot in line (it is the same link/waitlist every single run)
Sub/Viewer Run Waitlist

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