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    Completely failed implementation or worthwhile stat allocation?

    To review:

    Blood DK – Scent of Blood now procs from Multistrike hits. (To be confirmed?)

    Guardian Druid – Multistrikes from auto attacks and Mangle grant the Druid Ursa Major. Ursa Major increases maximum health by 5% for 15 seconds. When this effect is refreshed, any time remaining on the effect is added to the new one.

    Brewmaster Monk – Gift of the Ox now has a chance to trigger only from auto attack Multistrikes, instead of from all auto attacks. It has a 100% chance to trigger while using a two-handed weapon, and a 62.5% chance to trigger while dual wielding.

    Protection Paladin – All heals you receive have a chance equal to your Multistrike chance to trigger Shining Protector, healing you for an additional 30% of the triggering heal.

    Protection Warrior – Blood Craze causes Multistrike auto attacks to trigger a Blood Craze, which regenerates 3% of the Warrior’s health over 3 seconds. When this effect is refreshed, the remaining duration is added to the new effect.


    I feel like some of these have potential, while some seem like they will have specific break points, while some may be crap.

    DK – Meh, remains to be seen.

    Druid- I feel like as long as mathematically you get a multistrike proc every 15s then there is no use going beyond that certain rating, just another checkmark to fill on gearing.

    Brew – Honestly seems like a penalty, and they are trying to shove a stat down this class’ throat where it doesn’t belong. I can understand maybe the direction they are headed in “Choose a healing build” but really come on, why sacrifice juicy Mastery for this if it’s at the secondary level, or juicy bonus armor if made into the tertiary level. I think this will change for Brews a lot over the course of testing.

    Paladin – Now we’re talking! Why? Because Shining Protector works on ABSORBS too, and self heals, something the Paladin class is very prominent with. Now will the new SoI healing be included? Probably not, that’s a bit OP, but who knows? Chances are EF ticks / SS absorbs will be! To me this seems like a very prominent stat choice, however we need to see just how balance works out with Mastery scaling AP now, and the effect of Haste amplifying everything, including the self healing which would presumably proc said Multistrike.

    Warrior – Hmm seems like a slightly shorter version of the Guardian situation wouldn’t you say? As long as the Warrior procs MS every x swings (1-2 depending on haste probably), they will maintain a constant 1% healing/sec, which I’m sure with all the healing/damage changes in WoD is a big deal, cause right now that sucks. Bit boring.

    We need to see what kind of rating to % conversions we get at lvl 100 for these classes to see if it worthwhile to pick up some of the “caps” or to stack freely on certain fights.

    Only time on beta will tell!


    prot pally one is lilop

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