Mandatory First Post Welcome!

Mandatory First Post Welcome!

Hey errboday!

First, thanks for visiting the site and showing support. Make sure you explore everything, there’s 2 menus, there’s forums, there’s a long front page, there’s lots. Participate! Community presence is of huge importance to me and I look forward to contributing and chatting.

As you’ve noticed, the site is still under construction, and I chisel at it when I have away time from RL duties. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it is all put together. Still need a logo too, hmmm…

I’ll keep this blog up to date here and there, some posts will be nice and long, some will be short and sweet, and everything in between. Just depends on my availability/mood, and also on the abundance of WoW-related news. God forbid I need to supplement with RL stories, might need to restrict the site to 18+!

Feedback as always is appreciated guys, and hope you start to frequent the site as more resources/videos/posts are made so that the community can start to thrive here a bit too, definitely looking forward to it! Register and spread the word 🙂

I look forward to releasing more and more content whether it be live commentary highlights, guides, weak auras, or whatever. This’ll be fun!


  1. Erthrix

    Looks sexy, needs more pink! You better ™ that Superman logo 🙂

  2. slootbag

    Eh that won’t actually be my logo, was getting something temp in, prob should take it down before I get sewed!

    I like the pink! Not overwhelming imo! Gotta represent the Paladin love.

  3. Erthrix

    Thats right, real men wear pink, maybe a machinama style pose of your paladin, /flex or something as a logo.

  4. Qwerty

    ^_^ glad to see you moving forward Sloot! Nice content! Keep up the good work!

  5. slootbag

    Thanks Qwerty!

    Constantly striving to expand! 😛

  6. Vagabondt

    Hey, Slootbag, how ur doing?

    Up the prot paladins!

    Fan of your work, here, from Brazil.

    Keep up, man, cheers!

  7. Holybucket

    Hey Sloot! Love the content and love watching your raids. Keep up the good work.

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