Time For A Change

Who knows how many hours of sleep I’ve lost trying to find the right words and reassess the situation from every single angle. I think I’ve written and deleted paragraphs ... Read More »

Streaming BRF Heroic FAQ

Yes! Midwinter is streaming BRF Heroic, however with 3 main restrictions: 1. Only streaming 7/10 for all 5 runs (no Furnace/Maidens/Blackhand) Q: Why not stream them? A: We don’t want ... Read More »

My Current Stat Prio

Updated January 13, 2015 Disclaimer: Some things here deviate from what some forums say based on some sims, again sims are a good GUIDE to building your toons for raiding, ... Read More »

Alpha Has Arrived!

And you have already seen me going HAM on it on my Twitch 😛 I’ll be adding some highlights soon enough previewing the level 100 talents for tanks and discussing ... Read More »

Mandatory First Post Welcome!

Hey errboday! First, thanks for visiting the site and showing support. Make sure you explore everything, there’s 2 menus, there’s forums, there’s a long front page, there’s lots. Participate! Community ... Read More »