How To Sign Up For Sub/Viewer Runs

Step 1: Go to slootbag.com Step 2: Register or Log In Step 3: Go to the Forums Step 4: Go to the “Sub/Viewer Run Sign-Ups” section Step 5: Download Discord, ... Read More »

What’s Up With Midwinter FAQ

Q: Why are you still 12/13? A: A combination of roster issues, time issues, and performance issues #InB4Haters saying “Midwinter just makes excuses they always suck” I’ve already explained that ... Read More »

Streaming Hellfire Shitadel Heroic

Yes! Midwinter is streaming a few Hellfire Citadel Heroic bosses, however with some restrictions: 1. Only streaming 6/13 for Heroic difficulties (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, ... Read More »

Streaming Hellfire Shitadel PTR

Yes! Midwinter is streaming Hellfire Shitadel PTR testing, however with some restrictions: 1. Only streaming 12/13 for Normal/Heroic difficulties (no Mythic/Archimonde (on any difficulty)) Q: Why not stream those? A: ... Read More »

5.4 FAQ

Q: Is Haste still good for 5.4? Indeed it is, there’s been no significant changes to the Paladin class to make us not use Haste. Q: What’s Haste cap? 50% ... Read More »

5.2 FAQ

Q: I see many other Paladins/Tanks also gearing straight up Stamina, especially for progression. Thoughts on this? Is it right/wrong? There is no single correct way to gear for progression, ... Read More »

5.1 FAQ

Q: Why do you cap Hit and hard-cap Expertise? Capping both of these guarantees Holy Power (HP) generation every time a generating ability is used. This leads to a higher ... Read More »