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Slootbag Prot Paladin Heroic 25 ICC Solo – Lich King

Slootbag [Midwinter] solos 25 Heroic Lich King in ICC Fight sometimes bugs out when he RPs at 10% if Shamblers are up and he won’t res you. Simply release, run ... Read More »

Slootbag Prot Paladin 25 Ulduar Solo – Yogg-Saron 0 Light (Hard Mode)

Slootbag [Midwinter] solos 25 Yogg-Saron 0 Light in Ulduar Paladin World First methinks 🙂 You can certainly move the mobs back in as soon as the heal hits and attack ... Read More »

Mandatory First Post Welcome!

Hey errboday! First, thanks for visiting the site and showing support. Make sure you explore everything, there’s 2 menus, there’s forums, there’s a long front page, there’s lots. Participate! Community ... Read More »

Malkorok 25H Prot Paladin Live Commentary

Malkorok 25H Prot Paladin Live Commentary 04/29/2014 Read More »

5.4 FAQ

Q: Is Haste still good for 5.4? Indeed it is, there’s been no significant changes to the Paladin class to make us not use Haste. Q: What’s Haste cap? 50% ... Read More »

5.2 FAQ

Q: I see many other Paladins/Tanks also gearing straight up Stamina, especially for progression. Thoughts on this? Is it right/wrong? There is no single correct way to gear for progression, ... Read More »

5.1 FAQ

Q: Why do you cap Hit and hard-cap Expertise? Capping both of these guarantees Holy Power (HP) generation every time a generating ability is used. This leads to a higher ... Read More »