About Me

Hello everyone, Captain Sloot here.

My name’s Ted, I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla (2004), and started raiding with the launch of BC. Did I raid in Vanilla? Hmm, I set foot in ZG 20 once and got to Venoxis, where we proceeded to wipe within 25 seconds. So if that counts then sure, I’ve been raiding since Vanilla. Currently, I raid in Future (EU-Twisting Nether) as the main tank. Future is an exclusive 20-Man Mythic Hardcore guild intent on progression.
I have raided as Horde once before, with Pie Chart before I joined Midwinter (who came before Serenity), which was also the only time I’ve ever taken a break from WoW (2.5 months), and therefore missed my guaranteed shot at Invincible and Mim’s Head, I was literally next in line to get them #regret.
Thanks for stopping by the site and showing support! And now, some random WoW facts about me:

  • Favorite Expansion: Burning Crusade
  • Favorite Boss: Too many good ones to choose one! Essence of Souls, Illidan, Mu’ru, Kil’Jaeden, Lei Shen, and Blackfuse are good contenders!
  • Least Favorite Expansion: Cataclysm, hands down
  • Least Favorite Boss: Again, there’s a few here, like Madness, and Garalon. Really.. Garalon?!
  • Favorite Tier: BT, Sunwell, Ulduar, ToT
  • Nerdy thing you like to do in WoW outside raiding: When I have time, I’m addicted to collecting mini-pets 🙁